The HTTP Workshop in 2016

This is a unique event; most of the time is unstructured, promoting unfiltered discussion among the major implementers and practitioners of HTTP. Each day will have a few “anchor” talks to stimulate discussion, but we expect attendees to drive most of the agenda.

Technically, our focus will be on interoperability, security, functionality and performance. Discussion topics will likely include:

As they were last year, our goals are to:

Who Should Come?

We anticipate most major HTTP implementations being represented, including browsers, servers, intermediaries, libraries, and tools.

In addition, we’d like to see active participation from practitioners at scale. If you work with large-scale HTTP deployments, whether that’s serving “traditional” Web pages or using HTTP for back-end APIs, please consider attending.

Finally, if you are a student working in a relevant area, this is a great opportunity to gain insight into this community.

When and Where

The Workshop will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, 25-27 July 2016.

Want to Come?

We have limited space (about 40 people), and want to make sure the discussion is valuable for those who attend. So, a program committee will select attendees based upon submissions.

We’re looking for submissions that:

… or something completely different. If you are the primary maintainer of an implementation of HTTP, please mention its details in your submission.

Submissions don’t need to be a complete paper or presentation; they just need to communicate something about HTTP that’s worth getting in front of a group of HTTP implementers and experts.

Note that if necessary, we will limit representation from single companies and projects to assure balanced participation.

There will be an approximately 225 Euro registration fee to cover costs; lunch, drinks and snacks will be included. Assistance may be available to those who need it; please contact the PC for more information.

All attendees will be expected to adhere to the Conference Code of Conduct. We will publish a summary of what happens at the workshop.

Please make submissions to easychair by 15 April 2016.

Important Dates

Program Committee

The PC for the Workshop is:

This year, the HTTP Workshop is being generously sponsored by The Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS).

The Internet Foundation In Sweden